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Table 1 Response prediction output from the biomarker consensus module. The expression profile uploaded comes from a previous study of anti-PD1 response in melanoma [11] (“example 1” on the TIDE website). We ranked rows by ascending order of TIDE score. Actual Responder the actual clinical outcome in the study, Predicted Responder predictions by the threshold of the TIDE score set by a user (default is 0), TIDE TIDE prediction score [1], IFNG average expression of interferon-gamma response signature, MSI Score microsatellite instability score predicted through gene expression (Additional file 4: Supplementary Methods), CD274 gene expression value of PD-L1, CD8 gene expression average of CD8A and CD8B, CTL.flag flag indicator for whether the gene expression values are all positive for five cytotoxic T lymphocyte markers, including CD8A, CD8B, GZMA, GZMB, and PRF1, Dysfunction, Exclusion, MDSC, CAF, TAM M2 enrichment scores based on the gene expression signatures of T cell dysfunction, T cell exclusion, myeloid-derived suppressor cell, cancer-associated fibroblast, and tumor associated macrophage M2 type [1]

From: Large-scale public data reuse to model immunotherapy response and resistance