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Table 2 Quantification of the confidence of cell-to-clone assignment

From: CACTUS: integrating clonal architecture with genomic clustering and transcriptome profiling of single tumor cells

Subject Type Method Entropy Gini index
S144 Multiplet CACTUS 0.42 0.46
   cardelino 0.85 0.90
  Singleton CACTUS 0.79 0.84
   cardelino 0.87 0.90
S12118 Multiplet CACTUS 0.04 0.04
   cardelino 0.39 0.45
  Singleton CACTUS 0.36 0.38
   cardelino 0.47 0.54
  1. Confidence is measured as the concentration of the probability distribution of assigning a cell to clones, averaged across cells. Bolded values indicate which method (CACTUS or cardelino) obtained higher confidence. Both normalized entropy (entropy divided by the maximum possible value) and the Gini index are supposed to have lower values for more concentrated distributions, and larger values for more dispersed ones