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Table 1 N. gonorrhoeae sequence typing schemes implemented in Pathogenwatch

From: A community-driven resource for genomic epidemiology and antimicrobial resistance prediction of Neisseria gonorrhoeae at Pathogenwatch

Typing schemea Loci (number) Note Pathogenwatch implementation References
cgMLST (N = 1649) N. gonorrhoeae cgMLST v1.0 Typing algorithm, database from PubMLST [46,47,48, 53]
MLST abcZ, adk, aroE, fumC, gdh, pdhC, pgm (N = 7) Housekeeping genes in Neisseria spp. In-house typing tool, database from PubMLST [45, 47, 48, 53]
NG-MAST porB, tbpB (N = 2) Genes encoding highly-variable membrane proteins NG-MASTER, database from NG-MAST website [49, 50, 54]
NG-STAR penA, mtrR, porB, ponA, gyrA, parC, 23S rDNA (N = 7) Genes involved in antimicrobial resistance In-house typing tool, database from NG-STAR website [51,52,53]
  1. a Typing scheme: cgMLST core genome multi-locus sequence typing, MLST multi-locus sequence typing, NG-MAST N. gonorrhoeae multi-antigen sequence typing, NG-STAR N. gonorrhoeae sequence typing for antimicrobial resistance