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Table 2 List of the publicly available microarray expression datasets included for the survival analysis

From: High-grade serous tubo-ovarian cancer refined with single-cell RNA sequencing: specific cell subtypes influence survival and determine molecular subtype classification

Dataset GEO accession Microarray platform Sample size FIGO Stage IV Optimal debulking
Bentink et al. [56] E.MTAB. 386 Illumina HumanRef-8 v2.0 beadchip 128:128:42 15% 78%
Bonome et al. [57] GSE26712 Affymetrix
HG-U133A Array
185:185:46 20% 49%
Ferriss et al. [58] GSE30161 Affymetrix
HG-U133A Gene Chip array
58:47:38 9% 41%
Tothill et al. [19] GSE9891 Affymetrix HG-U133 Plus 2.0 260:235:42 9% 61%
TCGA [4] TCGA Affymetrix HT
510:503:44 15% 73%
Konecny et al. [20] Mayo Clinic Agilent Whole Human Genome 4x44K Expression Arrays 382: 369:41 22% 77%
  1. Six whole transcriptome studies with at least 40 patients were evaluated. Exclusion of samples with missing values for age, stage, histology, grade, debulking status and survival data resulted in 1467 patients for downstream analysis. Sample size column provides the number of available samples: number of included samples: median survival time in months