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Table 2 Immunotherapy exposure between biopsies and effects on TMB in UCSD cohort (N = 202)

From: Intra-patient stability of tumor mutational burden from tissue biopsies at different time points in advanced cancers

Drug Mean TMB [95% CI] (mutations/Mb) Number receiving/total
Before After p value
Immunotherapy 12.50 [6.565–18.43] 14.14 [7.960–20.32] 0.0252 55/202 (27.23%)
Mean [95% CI] TMB difference (mutations/Mb), with immunotherapy
(n = 55)
Mean [95% CI] TMB difference (mutations/Mb), no immunotherapy
(n = 147)
p value
1.641 [− 3.492–6.775] 0.186 [− 0.597–0.969] 0.0365
  1. Difference in TMB between first and last biopsies were compared for patients exposed to medication, in any amount, between biopsy dates versus difference in TMB between first and last biopsies for all patients who did not receive the specified medication(s) between the biopsy dates. Only the 202 patients with valid TMB data were considered. The results show a significant difference (p < 0.05) in TMB difference and overall TMB before and after immunotherapy use