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Table 2 Heritability of CRF and PA

From: The genetic case for cardiorespiratory fitness as a clinical vital sign and the routine prescription of physical activity in healthcare

  CRF-vo2max CRF slope PA
Combined 0.10 (0.01) 0.08 (0.01) 0.14 (0.01)
Male 0.10 (0.01) 0.09 (0.02) 0.13 (0.01)
Female 0.11 (0.02) 0.10 (0.02) 0.15 (0.01)
  1. Note: Values shown are SNP heritabilities and standard errors on the observed scale. CRF-vo2max maximum volume of oxygen uptake per kg of bodyweight per minute, estimated from workload and heart rate during the cardiorespiratory fitness test, as well as age and weight; CRF slope the rate of increase of heart rate during the exercise period of the cycle ramp test; PA 7-day average physical activity