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Table 5 Results from Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes (KEGG) pathway analysis. Upregulated and downregulated host genes identified from the comparison between high vs. low Shewanella count group were used for KEGG pathway analysis

From: Microbiota of the prostate tumor environment investigated by whole-transcriptome profiling

Significant KEGG pathways in upregulated genes
Pathway Fold enrichment p value p adj
Oxidative phosphorylation 21.88 1.32e−11 4.74e−10
Parkinson’s disease 20.49 2.56e−11 4.74e−10
Metabolic pathways 3.25 1.77e−05 2.19e−04
Cardiac muscle contraction 17.63 1.38e−04 0.0012
Alzheimer’s disease 7.87 0.0029 0.0215
Huntington’s disease 6.89 0.0046 0.0289
Significant KEGG pathways in downregulated genes
Pathway Fold enrichment p value p adj
Toll-like receptor signaling pathway 12.61 1.31e−05 8.91e−04
  1. p-adj p value corrected for false discovery rate