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Table 1 Characterization of the 28 identified host gene expression signatures

From: Systematic comparison of published host gene expression signatures for bacterial/viral discrimination

Signature code Publication first author Publication last author Number of genes Discovery age group Discovery phenotypes
TS1 [7] Tang Schughart 1 Adults Viral (influenza), healthy
HL2a [8] Herberg Levin 2 Pediatrics Bacterial, viral
LC2 [9] Lei Chen 2 All Bacterial, viral, healthy, SIRS
XW2 [10] Xu Wang 2 All Bacterial, viral, healthy, SIRS
GS3 [11] Gomez-Carballo Salas 3 All Bacterial, viral
LS3 [12] Li Sriskandan 3 Adults Viral (w/ COVID), bacterial, SIRS
SB4a [13] Sampson Brandon 4 All Viral, SIRS
SK7a [14] Sweeney Khatri 7 All Bacterial, viral, SIRS
SB8 [13] Sampson Brandon 8 All Viral, SIRS
RC10 [15] Ravichandran Chandra 10 All Bacterial, viral, healthy
SN10 [16] Sampson Noursadeghi 10 All Bacterial, viral, healthy, SIRS
SR10 [17] Suarez Ramilo 10 Adults Bacterial, viral, co-infection, healthy
AK11 [18] Andres-Terre Khatri 11 All Bacterial, viral, healthy, SIRS
BF11 [19] Bhattacharya Falsey 11 Adults Bacterial, viral
NC19 [20] Ng Chiu 19 Adults Viral (w/ COVID), bacterial, healthy
SL20 [21] Song Lei 20 All Bacterial, viral, healthy, SIRS
MW23 [22] McClain Woods 23 All Viral (w/ COVID), bacterial, healthy
ZG25a [23] Zaas Ginsburg 25 Adults Viral, healthy
MS29 [24] Mayhew Sweeney 29 All Bacterial, viral, healthy, SIRS
PT29 [25] Parnell Tang 29 Adults Bacterial, viral, healthy, SIRS
RC31 [26] Ramilo Chaussabel 31 Pediatrics Bacterial, viral
HS33 [27] Hu Storch 33 Infants Bacterial, viral, healthy
HL34 [8] Herberg Levin 34 Pediatrics Bacterial, viral
ZG48 [28] Zaas Ginsburg 48 Adults Viral, healthy
MR59 [29] Mahajan Ramilo 59 Neonates Bacterial, viral, healthy
TW96 [30] Tsalik Woods 96 Adults Bacterial, viral, SIRS
MW139 [22] McClain Woods 139 All Viral (w/COVID), Bacterial, healthy
AK398 [18] Andres-Terre Khatri 398 All Bacterial, viral, healthy, SIRS
All - - 864 - -
  1. Published host gene expression signatures varied in size and discovery cohort characteristics. Signatures were named using the first and last author’s initials, followed by the number of unique genes in the signature. Neonates include subjects <3 months of age; infants include subjects <3 years of age; Pediatrics includes subjects <18 years of age. aSignature is a subset of another published signature