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Table 2 Top SNP significantly associated with EAA-Horvath and EAA-Hannum among survivors (SJLIFE1, SJLIFE2) and controls

From: Genome-wide association studies identify novel genetic loci for epigenetic age acceleration among survivors of childhood cancer

GWAS SNP Chr Pos_hg38 Effect allele Other allele Population Effect size (SE) P Phet I2 (%)
EAA-Horvath rs732314 1 169630016 C T SJLIFE1 survivors 0.50 0.10 1.55E−07   
SJLIFE2 survivors 0.82 0.19 2.09E−05   
Combined survivors 0.57 0.09 3.30E−11 0.14 54.36
Community controls 1.09 0.27 5.43E−05   
EAA-Hannum rs28366133 6 31396299 C T SJLIFE1 survivors 0.76 0.14 5.30E−08   
SJLIFE2 survivors 0.84 0.23 2.05E−04   
Combined survivors 0.78 0.12 3.78E−11 0.75 0.00
Community controls 0.21 0.30 4.88E−01   
  1. Abbreviations: GWAS Genome-wide association study, EAA Epigenetic age acceleration, Chr Chromosome, SE Standard error, SJLIFE1 survivors The first discovery data set of 2138 survivors included in our previously published study (ref. [6]), SJLIFE2 survivors The second discovery data set of 502 children and adolescent survivors, Combined survivors A combined set (meta-GWAS analysis) of the two discovery data sets (SJLIFE1 and SJLIFE2), Community controls A set of 282 community controls