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Table 1 Patient cohort characteristics

From: Whole genome sequencing reveals the independent clonal origin of multifocal ileal neuroendocrine tumors

Patient Gender Average age [range] Average number of primary tumors [range] Ta Na Ma Stagea Gradeb
744 Male 64 [53–75] 7 [2–18] T3 N1 M1a IV G2
760 Male T2 N0 M1a IV G2
772 Male T3 N2 M1a IV G1
825 Male T4 N1 M1a IV G1
848 Female T3 N1 M1a IV G1
850 Male T3 N2 M0 III G2
852 Male T3 N2 M1c IV G1
876 Female T3 N2 M0 III G1
947 Female T4 N2 M1b IV G1
952 Female T3 N1 M0 III G1
1060 Male T3 N2 M1a IV G2
1076 Male T4 N2 M1c IV G1
1089 Male T2 N2 M0 III G1
  1. aTNM staging was based on American Joint Committee on Cancer 8th edition
  2. bGrade was based on WHO Classification 5th edition