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Figure 1

From: Discovery of microvascular miRNAs using public gene expression data: miR-145 is expressed in pericytes and is a regulator of Fli1

Figure 1

Identification of putative microvessel-enriched miRNAs using public expression data. (a) Table of datasets included in the analysis. Mature miRNAs were evaluated for enrichment in the lung in two datasets (Thomson et al. [17] and Beuvink et al. [18]). Glomerular enrichment was determined in an expression dataset derived by small RNA library sequencing (Landgraf et al. [16]). All clone and probe sequences were re-annotated against the miRBase microRNA repository [19]. (b) Scatter plot showing mature miRNAs enriched in both the glomerulus (y-axis) and lung (x-axis; using best value from the two microarray datasets). miRNAs connected by thick grey lines are co-localized in the genome (<10 kb) and likely to be co-transcribed.

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