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Method: RM-seq

A sequencing workflow for comprehensive detection of antibiotic-resistant bacterial populations

Featured Comment: CRISPR/Cas9 and p53

Conti and Di Micco discuss cellular responses to precision genome editing, in light of recent findings

Visualizing cancer genomes

The OncoGenomic Landscapes open-source software can contextualize thousands of cancer genomes in a 2D space

Defining Ebola life cycle host factors

Toward finding new therapeutic strategies, reverse genetics life cycle modelling identifies an essential host pathway

Genomics of infection and immunity

Read the latest additions to our Spring 2018 special issue, guest-edited by Bali Pulendran and Mark Davis

Progress in proteogenomics

This Opinion article describes a recommended framework for mapping genetic mutations to 3D protein structures


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Focus: the Microbiome

Read the latest Reviews on microbiomes across BMC flagship journals.


The gut microbiome in human immunodeficiency virus infection​​​​​​​
Gili Zilberman-Schapira, Niv Zmora, Shlomik Itav, Stavros Bashiardes, Hila Elinav and Eran Elinav
Published in BMC Medicine on: 3 June 2016

The human microbiome in evolution
Emily R. Davenport, Jon G. Sanders, Se Jin Song, Katherine R. Amato, Andrew G. Clark and Rob Knight
Published in BMC Biology on: 27 December2017

The healthy human microbiome
Jason Lloyd-Price, Galeb Abu-Ali and Curtis Huttenhower
Published in Genome Medicine on: 27 April 2016

Experimental design and quantitative analysis of microbial community multiomics
Jason Lloyd-Price, Galeb Abu-Ali and Curtis Huttenhower Himel Mallick, Siyuan Ma, Eric A. Franzosa, Tommi Vatanen, Xochitl C. Morgan and Curtis Huttenhower
Published in Genome Biology on: 30 November 2017

Aims and scope

Genome Medicine publishes research and reviews that describe important advances in the application of genetics, genomics and multi-omics to understand, diagnose and treat disease. Areas covered include, but are not limited to: precision medicine, novel methods and software, cancer genomics, disease genomics and epigenomics, immunogenomics, infectious disease, microbiome and systems medicine.

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Special issue
Genomics of infection and immunity
Guest editors: Bali Pulendran and Mark Davis

Special issue
Disease Neurogenomics
Guest editors: Joseph Buxbaum and Catalina Betancur

Highlights from infectious disease genomics​​​​​​​

Special issue
Genomic technologies: development and clinical application
Guest editor: Stephen Kingsmore

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