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Special Issue: Genomics of Infection and Immunity

Read the latest articles in our new special issue, guest-edited by Bali Pulendran and Mark Davis

Call for Papers - Genome Integrity to Cancer: Mechanisms and Translational Opportunities

The Call for Papers is now open for our Fall 2018 special issue, guest-edited by Serena Nik-Zainal

Lineage diversity in glioma

Newly resolved heterogeneity of glioma and microenvironmental cells with single-cell RNA-seq

Addressing "druggability" in precision oncology

A multi-omic approach to characterize potentially druggable alterations across 22 cancer types

Understanding variation in healthy immune response

New analysis of factors contributing to the humoral immune response to 15 common pathogens and vaccines, in a large cohort of healthy individuals

Video abstract: A new blood test uses DNA methylation to detect and predict the spread of breast cancer

A study by Widschwendter and colleagues suggests that serum DNAme markers can diagnose fatal breast cancers up to one year in advance of current diagnosis and enable individualized  treatment which may even commence before obtaining radiological evidence – see the video abstract for a graphic summary of the paper.

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    Authors: Sohini Sengupta, Sam Q. Sun, Kuan-lin Huang, Clara Oh, Matthew H. Bailey, Rajees Varghese, Matthew A. Wyczalkowski, Jie Ning, Piyush Tripathi, Joshua F. McMichael, Kimberly J. Johnson, Cyriac Kandoth, John Welch, Cynthia Ma, Michael C. Wendl, Samuel H. Payne…

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Aims and scope

Genome Medicine publishes research and reviews that describe important advances in the application of genetics, genomics and multi-omics to understand, diagnose and treat disease. Areas covered include, but are not limited to: precision medicine, novel methods and software, cancer genomics, disease genomics and epigenomics, immunogenomics, infectious disease, microbiome and systems medicine.

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Special issue
Genomics of infection and immunity
Guest editors: Bali Pulendran and Mark Davis

Special issue
Disease Neurogenomics
Guest editors: Joseph Buxbaum and Catalina Betancur

Highlights from infectious disease genomics​​​​​​​

Special issue
Genomic technologies: development and clinical application
Guest editor: Stephen Kingsmore

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