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From genome integrity to cancer

New Research and Comments added to our Fall 2018 special issue - guest-edited by Serena Nik-Zainal

Tumor biology and microbial ecology

A multi-omic analysis of the microbiome associated with mismatch repair status in colorectal cancer

Monitoring hypervirulent pathogens

Siderophore loci inform genomic surveillance efforts for hypervirulent K. pneumoniae

Recent advances in immunotherapies

Bucktrout, Bluestone & Ramsdell cover T cell therapies in infection, autoimmunity, and cancer 

Reviews, Research Highlights and Commentaries

Read authoritative Reviews, Opinions and other content commissioned by the Genome Medicine Editors from leading researchers:


Research Highlights

Commentaries (including Editorials, Comments, Opinions, Q&As and Meeting reports)


  1. Content type: Research


    Authors: Jung Kim, Wen Luo, Mingyi Wang, Talia Wegman-Ostrosky, Megan N. Frone, Jennifer J. Johnston, Michael L. Nickerson, Melissa Rotunno, Shengchao A. Li, Maria I. Achatz, Seth A. Brodie, Michael Dean, Kelvin C. de Andrade, Fernanda P. Fortes, Matthew Gianferante, Payal Khincha…

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Focus: Approaches to Data Analysis

Read the latest Reviews on data analysis across BMC flagship journals.

Using flawed, uncertain, proximate and sparse (FUPS) data in the context of complexity: learning from the case of child mental health
Miranda Wolpert and Harry Rutter
Published in BMC Medicine on: 18 June 2018

Meta-evaluation of meta-analysis: ten appraisal questions for biologists
Shinichi Nakagawa, Daniel W. A. Noble, Alistair M. Senior and Malgorzata Lagisz
Published in BMC Biology on: 03 March 2017

A practical guide to single-cell RNA-sequencing for biomedical research and clinical applications
Ashraful Haque, Jessica Engel, Sarah A. Teichmann and Tapio Lönnberg
Published in Genome Medicine on: 18 August 2017

From squiggle to basepair: computational approaches for improving nanopore sequencing read accuracy
Franka J. Rang, Wigard P. Kloosterman and Jeroen de Ridder
Published in Genome Biology on: 13 July 2018

Aims and scope

Genome Medicine publishes research and reviews that describe important advances in the application of genetics, genomics and multi-omics to understand, diagnose and treat disease. Areas covered include, but are not limited to: precision medicine, novel methods and software, cancer genomics, disease genomics and epigenomics, immunogenomics, infectious disease, microbiome and systems medicine.

Article collections

Special issue
From genome integrity to cancer
Guest editor: Serena Nik-Zainal

Special issue
Genomics of infection and immunity
Guest editors: Bali Pulendran and Mark Davis

Special issue
Disease Neurogenomics
Guest editors: Joseph Buxbaum and Catalina Betancur

Highlights from infectious disease genomics​​​​​​​

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