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Special issue
Tumor immune microenvironment and immunotherapy
Guest editors: Zlatko Trajanoski and Noel de Miranda


Special issue
From genome integrity to cancer
Guest editor: Serena Nik-Zainal

Special issue
Genomics of infection and immunity
Guest editors: Bali Pulendran and Mark Davis


Special issue
Disease Neurogenomics
Guest editors: Joseph Buxbaum and Catalina Betancur

Highlights from infectious disease genomics

Special issue
Genomic technologies: development and clinical application 
Guest editor: Stephen Kingsmore 


Special issue
Precision cancer medicine
Guest editors: Michael Berger and Eliezer Van Allen

Special issue
Translating the microbiome: health and disease
Guest editor: Curtis Huttenhower


Special issue
Immunogenomics in health and disease
Guest editor: Robert Holt

Special issue
Diagnostic genomics
Guest editors: James Lupski and Joris Veltman


Cross-journal collection
Genomics of infectious diseases
Guest editors: George Weinstock and Sharon Peacock

Special issue
From genomics to disease mechanisms
Guest editor: Jay Shendure

Article collection
Cancer epigenomics
Guest editor: Stephan Beck


Article collection
Participatory Medicine
Guest editors: Charles Auffray and Leroy Hood

Special issue
Single-cell analysis: toward the clinic
Guest editor: Michael Speicher

Article collection
Microbes in human health and disease
Guest editor: Martin Hibberd

Article collection
Musings on Genome Medicine

Article collection
Proteomic applications in medicine
Guest editors: Paul Guest and Sabine Bahn

Cross journal collection
Using and abusing evidence in science and health policy
Guest editor: Timothy Caulfield


Article collection
Guest editor: Matthias Schwab

Cross journal collection
Cancer bioinformatics: bioinformatic methods, network biomarkers and precision medicine
Guest editor: Xiangdong Wang

Article collection
Metabolomics of disease
Guest editor: Timothy Veenstra


Cross journal collection
International data sharing in medicine
Guest editors: Jane Kaye and Paula Boddington

Cross journal collection
Focus on stem cells
Guest editor: Stuart Orkin


Cross journal collection
Cloud computing tools and analyses

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