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Table 2 Estimated cumulative genetic risk using 12 validated multiple sclerosis genesa

From: Modeling the cumulative genetic risk for multiple sclerosis from genome-wide association data

  Probability of being a MS case
  25% quartile Median 75% quartile
Case (N = 2,062) 0.228 0.379 0.589
Control (N = 6,360) 0.072 0.134 0.268
  1. Classification results in the discovery dataset were: classification sensitivity, 35.1%; classification specificity, 93.5%; classification accuracy rate, 63.8%; model fit analysis, P = 0.007 (Hosmer-Lemeshow goodness-of-fit test [30] was implemented to assess 'lack of fit' of the selected model; P > 0.05 indicates that there is no evidence of a lack of fit of the selected model). aHLA-DRB1, CD58, CLEC16a, EVI5, IL2Ra, IRF8, RGS1, CD226, TNFRSF1a, CD6, GPC5 and IL7R.