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Table 2 Information for radiogenetic/radiogenomic studies

From: Genetics and genomics of radiotherapy toxicity: towards prediction

Category Information
Tumor Type, stage (tumor, node, metastases (TNM)), pathology, volume
Patient Age, smoking history, alcohol use, ethnicity, weight, height, breast volume for breast patients (cup size), co-morbidity (for example, diabetes, collagen vascular disease, hypertension, inflammatory bowel disease)
Treatment Total dose, number of fractions, dose per fraction, overall treatment time, use of chemotherapy, use of hormone therapy, use of surgery and postoperative complications, concurrent medications (for example, statins)
Physics Total radiation dose, dose per fraction, overall treatment time, planned doses to critical normal tissues
Toxicity Pre-treatment data and collection a minimum at end of treatment, 6 months and then yearly. Use of site-specific patient-reported toxicity preferable as primary endpoints as physician-reported toxicity underestimates toxicity. Physician-reported toxicity