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Table 1 Examples of pharmacogenomic networks and consortia presented at the Pharmacogenomics and Personalized Medicine meeting

From: Pharmacogenomics and personalized medicine: the plunge into next-generation sequencing

Group Abbreviation Website Presenter(s)
Breast Cancer Association Consortium BCAC Christina Justenhoven
Canadian Pharmacogenomics Network for Drug Safety CPNDS Michael Hayden, Colin Ross, Ursula Amstutz
Clinical Pharmacogenetics Implementation Consortium CPIC Ellen M McDonagh
Human Heredity and Health in Africa Initiative H3Africa Collet Dandara
Inflammation and the Host Response to Injury Consortium IHRI Wenzhong Xiao
International Cancer Genome Consortium ICGC Ultan McDermott
International Serious Adverse Events Consortium iSAEC Ann Daly
International Warfarin Pharmacogenetics Consortium IWPC Stephane Bourgeois
Pharmacogenomics Research Network PGRN Steven Scherer
SpiroMeta Consortium - - Ma'en F Obeidat