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Table 1 Tools for detecting somatic single nucleotide variants (sSNVs) from next generation sequencing (NGS) data

From: Detecting somatic point mutations in cancer genome sequencing data: a comparison of mutation callers

Tool Version URL Remark Datea Ref.
EBCall 2 Uses an empirical Bayesian model to call sSNVs Mar. 2013 [14]
JointSNVMix 0.8(b2) Joint analysis of tumor/normal pairs Jan. 2012 [9]
MuTect 1.1.4 Sensitive detection of low allelic-fraction sSNVs Feb. 2013 [13]
SomaticSniper 1.0.2 High computational efficiency Dec. 2011 [10]
Strelka Clean outputs through stringent filtering May 2012 [11]
VarScan 2 2.3.5 Sensitive detection of high-quality sSNVs Feb. 2012 [12]
  1. aDate: online/electronic publication date.