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Figure 2

From: Efficiency of whole genome amplification of single circulating tumor cells enriched by CellSearch and sorted by FACS

Figure 2

DNA amplification SKBR-3 sorted into a 384-well plate. Pink indicates 100 SKBR-3 cells plus 20 beads. Blue indicates 10 SKBR-3 cells plus 20 beads. Red indicates one SKBR-3 cell plus 20 beads. Green indicates 0 SKBR-3 cells and 20 beads. Black indicates an empty well. Cells were lysed by treating for 1 hour at 50°C with 1 μl protein K solution, 10 minutes inactivation at 96°C and cooled to 4°C. Whole genome amplification mix (5 μl) was added and incubated for 250 minutes at 30°C on a BioRad CFX 384 quantitative PCR machine while measuring fluorescence every 5 minutes. The two arrows point to the amplification of two single cells that did not show any amplification.

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