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Figure 3

From: Efficiency of whole genome amplification of single circulating tumor cells enriched by CellSearch and sorted by FACS

Figure 3

Yields of each of the steps for whole genome amplification. SKBR-3 cells were sorted into aliquots of 7.5 ml of blood containing 500, 50 and 5 cells, and enriched and enumerated by CellSearch. The contents of the CellSearch cartridge was placed in a FACS tube and SKBR-3 cells sorted into a 384-well plate. On each well, a GE GenomiPhi amplification reaction was performed in the presence of Evagreen. The yield of each step in the procedure was determined and plotted as a percentage of the starting amount. Each experiment was performed in triplicate except for the 5-cell sort, which was done six times. FACS, fluorescence-activated cell sorting.

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