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Table 2 MicroRNAs commonly affected in cancer and their targets

From: MicroRNAs and the cancer phenotype: profiling, signatures and clinical implications

MicroRNA Oncogene or tumor suppressor Cancer types Key targets (and their functions)
miR-17 ~ 92 cluster [1936] OG/TS Lung, breast, pancreas, colon, BCL, retinoblastoma, glioblastoma HIF-1α (hypoxia response)
PTEN, E2F1-3, TNF-α, RAB14 (cell proliferation)
BIM, TGFBR2 (cell survival)
TSP1, CTGF (tumor angiogenesis)
miR-21 [3753] OG Lung, breast, lymphoma, glioblastoma PTEN, SPRY1, SPRY2, (cell proliferation)
PDCD4, APAF1 (cell survival)
TPM-1, TPM-3, RECK (metastasis)
miR-155 [26, 42, 5461] OG Lung, lymphoma, breast FOXO3A, SHIP1, SOCS1 (cell survival)
RhoA (metastasis)
miR-221 or miR-222 [45, 6267] OG Lung, glioblastoma KIT, p27, PUMA (cell survival)
PTEN (cell proliferation)
let-7[68, 69, 7883] TS Lung, lymphoma, gastric, prostate, breast, ovarian KRAS, NRAS, CDC25A, c-MYC (cell proliferation)
HMGA2 (metastasis)
miR-34 [8488, 9193] TS Lung, lymphoma, pancreas, colon, neuroblastoma, glioblastoma CDC25A, CDK4, CDK6, c-MYC (cell proliferation)
MET (metastasis)
BCL2 (cell survival)
miR-15/16 [9498] TS CLL, multiple myeloma, prostate, pancreas BCL2 (cell survival)
CDC2, JUN, FGF-2, CCND-1 (cell proliferation)
miR-200 [99102] TS Breast, renal, gastric, bladder ZEB1, ZEB2 (cell differentiation and metastasis)
miR-181 [103, 104] TS Glioma, lymphoma TCL1 (cell survival)
miR-29 [105112] TS CLL, hepatocellular carcinoma, breast MCL1, TCL1 (cell survival)
    DNMT1 (gene expression)
  1. BCL, B-cell lymphoma; CLL, chronic lymphocytic leukemia; OG, oncogene; TS, tumor suppressor.