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Figure 5

From: Asthmatics with exacerbation during acute respiratory illness exhibit unique transcriptional signatures within the nasal mucosa

Figure 5

Analysis of the genes characterizing the asthma with exacerbation group (Asm Ex) during the reduction stage of acute respiratory illness. (A) Comparative analysis of acute respiratory illness-associated genes of D6 revealed the Asm Ex group was defined almost exclusively by a distinct set of genes (box). (B) Kinetics of shared-D6 gene expression in each study group (n = 91/time point). (C) Hierarchical clustering analysis of the D6 versus D2 microarray expression of the distinct Asm Ex genes revealing a subset exhibited an exacerbation-specific negative expression pattern (n = 27; bracketed). (D) Quantitative real-time PCR confirmation of TMEM178 gene expression. Sample numbers for each group are depicted in Figure 4D. (E) Influence of medication use on TMEM178 gene expression for all asthmatics. Horizontal line depicts mean. (F) Relationship between changes in TMEM178 gene expression and airway obstruction for each study group. A significant correlation was only observed for the Asm Ex group. BL, baseline; D2, day 2; D6, day 6; GCN, fold change in normalized gene copy number; ICS, inhaled corticosteroids; NS, nasal steroids; rs, Spearmans rho; TMEM, transmembrane protein.

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