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Figure 3

From: Early aberrant DNA methylation events in a mouse model of acute myeloid leukemia

Figure 3

Hypermethylation of FZD5 and FZD8 in MDS and AML patients. (A-D) Heatmaps and dotplots of amplicons from FZD5 (A,C) and FZD8 (B,D) in MDS (top) and AML (bottom) patients compared to healthy granulocytes/CD34+ cells. The heatmaps display methylation levels of single CpG units (columns). Methylation values range from 0% (light green) to 100% (dark blue). Differently colored bars to the left of the heatmaps indicate MDS (M), AML (A), healthy granulocytes (G) and CD34+ cells (C). Schemes above the heatmaps display the gene (black bar), transcription start (arrow), the relative location of the CpG island (CGI) and the amplicon analyzed (MA). The dotplots show average amplicon methylation levels of individual MDS/AML patients, healthy granulocytes (HG) and CD34+ cells (CD34). The median methylation in a group is depicted by a black bar (median methylation of FZD5 was 15.7% in MDS samples and 42.5% in AML samples; median methylation of FZD8 was 8.8% in MDS samples and 15.5% in AML samples). Mann-Whitney U test was used to test for differences between MDS/AML samples, healthy granulocytes and CD34+ cells (*P < 0.05, **P <0.01).

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