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Table 1 Variable measurement across three time points in the PGen Study

From: Design, methods, and participant characteristics of the Impact of Personal Genomics (PGen) Study, a prospective cohort study of direct-to-consumer personal genomic testing customers

Variable domains Baseline (BL) 2 weeks (2 W) 6 months (6 M)
Personal characteristics    
Demographic information +   +
Emotional states + + +
Genetic literacy + + +
Numeracy +   
Motivations and expectations +   
Personal health    
Personal and medical family history +   
Health status and health behaviors +   +a
Disease risk perceptions + + +
Conditions of interest +   
Health care    
Insurance status +   +a
Use of medical screening services +   +
Use of medical diagnostic services    +
Responses to personal genomic testing    
Sharing of genetic results +   +a
Reactions to genetic results   + +
Perceived utility of results   + +
Use of genetic results    +
Information-seeking behaviors    +
Satisfaction with experience    +a
  1. A plus sign indicates measurement of variables within that specific category. aVariables in this category were also evaluated on the 6 Month Non-Responder (6 M-NR) survey.