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Table 3 Sanger sequencing evaluation of APC SNPs in gDNA and RNA of affected and unaffected individuals

From: Novel APC promoter and exon 1B deletion and allelic silencing in three mutation-negative classic familial adenomatous polyposis families

   0124 (III-5) 0124 (III-4) 0130 (IV-1) 0163 (III-2)
SNP   Affected Unaffected Affected Affected
rs459552 gDNA A/T -/- A/T A/T
  cDNA A/A -/- A/A A/A
rs465899 gDNA A/G A/G -/- A/G
  cDNA A/A A/G -/- A/A
  1. Sequences which are heterozygous are denoted in bold.
  2. cDNA, complementary DNA; gDNA, genomic DNA.