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Figure 2

From: Rapid determination of anti-tuberculosis drug resistance from whole-genome sequences

Figure 2

Inferred analytical accuracies of the whole genome mutation library and three commercial molecular tests for resistance. In silico analysis of published sequence data using mutation libraries derived from XpertMTB/RIF (Cepheid Inc., USA) (purple), MTBDRsl (red) and MTBDRplus (orange) (Hain Life Sciences, Germany), and the curated whole genome library (blue). For each library in silico inferred resistance phenotypes were compared to reported phenotypes obtained from conventional drug susceptibility testing. Errors bars correspond to 95% confidence intervals. Abbreviations: AMK, amikacin; CAP, capreomycin; EMB, ethambutol; ETH, ethionamide; INH, Isoniazid; KAN, kanamycin; MDR, multi-drug resistance; MOX, moxifloxacin; OFX, ofloxacin; PZA, pyrazinamide; RMP, rifampicin; STR, streptomycin; XDR, extensive drug resistance.

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