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Archived Comments for: Moving pathogen genomics out of the lab and into the clinic: what will it take?

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  1. Access Denied - unless you fit the buddy system

    James Kress, The KressWorks Foundation

    11 February 2016

    Major hurdles that must be overcome are the elitist and cliquish attitudes exhibited by many of the data repositories for genomic data.  

    The bureaucrats and their "review committees" that control these repositories make it very difficult for people who are starting in the field to acquire access to genomic data.  The excessive requirements for access favor researchers who have been working in the Genomics Field for many years and who are part of large research and/ or academic institutions.  

    Researchers who are just starting to work with genomic data are routinely denied access to data due to "insufficient prior publications in peer reviewed journals" or "their institution (in some case they are individual researchers)" are denigrated and specified as being to small to be allowed access or they are not well known to (or disliked by) the reviewing committee(s) members.

    These restrictions of access must be stopped if real progress is to be made in the application of Genomics and associated data.

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