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Fig. 1

From: Microbiota-based model improves the sensitivity of fecal immunochemical test for detecting colonic lesions

Fig. 1

Microbiota-based models can complement FIT. a, c ROC curves for distinguishing healthy patients from those with adenoma (a) or cancer (c) based on FIT or a microbiota-based random forest model. Open circles show the sensitivity and specifity of FIT with a 100 ng/mL cutoff. Black points show the sensitivity and specificity of the microbiota-based models at the same specificity as FIT. b, d Results of FIT and a microbiota-based model for each adenoma (b) or cancer (d) sample. Dotted lines represent the cutoffs for each test. Points are shaded based on whether the lesion was detected by both tests (black), one of the two tests (gray), or neither test (white)

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