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Fig. 3

From: Comprehensive promoter level expression quantitative trait loci analysis of the human frontal lobe

Fig. 3

The PARK16 locus harbors an eQTL that overlaps with a PD GWAS loci for a new gene/transcript. a Overview of the PARK16 locus where several genes are present (Entrez Gene hg19) and several transcript predictions from MiTranscriptome. We identified an eQTL for an antisense CAGE-cluster to the SLC41A1gene (SLC41A1_tss2), for this CAGE-cluster multiple transcript predictions are present in the MiTranscriptome database. b Zooming in on the actual transcription start site of SLC41A1 gene shows CAGEseq expression of the SLC41A1gene (SLC41A1_tss1, purple) and the CAGE-cluster (SLC41A1_tss2, green), matching the MiTranscriptome predictions. c Boxplots showing the eQTL association of the two PD GWAS associated variants, rs947211 and rs823118, with the expression (log(tpm + 1)) of antisense transcript to the SLC41A1gene, all showing an additive effect

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