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Table 2 Seventeen novel genes identified in the SMR Analysis. Novel genes are genes that have passed both the SMR and HEIDI tests (P SMR <8.4E-06 and P HEIDI ≥ 005), have not previously been identified as GWS, and no GWS loci within 1 Mb window reported in the primary GWAS paper (full results are given in Additional file 1: Table S4)

From: Predicting gene targets from integrative analyses of summary data from GWAS and eQTL studies for 28 human complex traits

Trait Probe ID Gene Top cis-eQTL Allele Freq P eQTL P GWAS P SMR P HEIDI nsnp
BIP1 ILMN_1665280 SPCS1 rs998909 0.420 2.1E-39 6.8E-07 3.4E-06 0.15 155
CAD ILMN_1713380 EIF2B2 rs175016 0.475 1.8E-278 4.7E-06 5.6E-06 0.23 189
ILMN_1712430 ATP5G1 rs1962412 0.281 1.3E-44 7.4E-07 3.0E-06 0.27 127
CD ILMN_1718852 PLCL1 rs2117339 0.486 6.7E-30 8.0E-07 6.0E-06 0.14 216
ILMN_2122952 CISD1 rs1199098 0.214 <1.0E-300 1.5E-06 1.7E-06 0.17 241
ILMN_2122953 rs1550773 0.212 <1.0E-300 2.0E-06 2.2E-06 0.13 217
COLLEGE ILMN_1723684 DARC rs12075 0.456 4.8E-107 3.3E-06 5.4E-06 0.47 110
EDUYEARS ILMN_1718023 APEH rs3197999 0.291 1.1E-27 5.7E-07 5.5E-06 0.08 88
ILMN_2343048 ABCB9 rs1615350 0.248 9.1E-43 2.0E-06 7.2E-06 0.75 53
ILMN_1738369 TUFM rs8049439 0.405 <1.0E-300 1.5E-07 1.7E-07 0.11 37
HDL ILMN_1684227 GPR146 rs1997243 0.155 2.2E-300 2.4E-07 3.1E-07 0.22 130
IBD ILMN_1697409 TNFRSF14 rs734999 0.483 2.1E-90 2.3E-07 5.4E-07 0.98 64
ILMN_1727709 GPBAR1 rs2292550 0.405 8.3E-43 6.3E-08 4.9E-07 0.24 109
ILMN_1684628 ZFP90 rs1182968 0.219 <1.0E-300 3.3E-06 3.6E-06 0.90 311
LDL ILMN_1718706 ERAL1 rs901975 0.202 6.5E-46 2.2E-06 6.9E-06 0.19 66
UC ILMN_1744713 PARK7 rs3766606 0.173 1.1E-53 5.7E-08 3.0E-07 0.09 195
ILMN_1727709 GPBAR1 rs2292550 0.405 8.3E-43 1.2E-07 8.1E-07 0.12 109
ILMN_1683811 TNPO3 rs3807306 0.496 1.4E-150 2.3E-06 3.3E-06 0.69 125
  1. P eQTL p value of the top associated cis-eQTL of the probe, P GWAS GWAS p value of the top cis-eQTL, P SMR p value for gene-trait association from the SMR test, P HEIDI p value from HEIDI test to indicate whether the gene-trait association is due to a single shared genetic variant (the smaller P HEIDI the more likely that there are more than one genetic variant)