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Table 3 ER-negative (ER–) and ER-positive (ER+) breast tumor subgroups

From: The prognostic potential of alternative transcript isoforms across human tumors

  T N S
BRCA subtype Early Late Early Late Early Late
ER– 72 (T1) 48 (T3, T4) 122 (N0) 37 (N2, N3) 48 (S1) 55 (S3, S4)
ER+ 54 (T1) 29 (T3, T4) 130 (N0) 36 (N2, N3) 31 (S1) 43 (S3, S4)
  1. The number of samples used for the early vs. late comparison is indicated for each annotation T, N, and S. Stages I, II, III, and IV are indicated as S1, S2, S3, and S4. In some cases, more than one clinical stage is included in a patient group to have sufficient samples. Due to the insufficient number of annotated samples, it was not possible to build M-models