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Fig. 3

From: Rational design of cancer gene panels with OncoPaD

Fig. 3

Designing a panel to screen the response to drugs of a cohort of lung carcinomas. a Input required by OncoPaD to design the panel. b Simplified illustration of panel reports. From top to bottom: (1) cumulative coverage of Tier 1 panel candidates in all lung carcinomas (black line) and coverage in each individual cohort of lung tumors included in the panel cohort (blue, yellow, pale brown, and green lines); (2) needle plot of the number of protein affecting mutations found along the sequence of one of Tier 1 candidates (EGFR) (green and violet needles), hotspots appear as black rectangles on the x-axis; and (3) annotation of drug response and oncogeneicity of gene panel mutations in the hotspot of EGFR exon 21. c Available format to download OncoPaD panel details: BED file, Excel file or PDF

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