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Fig. 1

From: Topological analysis of metabolic networks integrating co-segregating transcriptomes and metabolomes in type 2 diabetic rat congenic series

Fig. 1

Phenotypic features of the congenic strains. Association for body weight (a), adiposity index (b), QTL for adiposity index (c), association for cumulative plasma glucose (d), and insulin (e) during the intravenous glucose tolerance and insulin secretion tests were measured in male rats. Solid bars represent the GK genomic segments of chromosome 1 of each congenic strain introgressed onto the genetic background of the BN strain. The y-axis shows genomic length (Mb) and boundaries of the genomic region of GK origin. The location of the adipose tissue QTL mapped to chromosome 1 in the GK × BN F2 cross [9] is reported with significance threshold shown with a dashed line (c). Details of GK chromosomal regions introgressed in each congenic strain are given in Table 1. Significantly (P < 0.05) increased and decreased values of the phenotypes between congenic strains and the BN control are indicated in red and green, respectively. Phenotype data are available in Additional file 1: Table S1

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