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Fig. 1

From: High-specificity bioinformatics framework for epigenomic profiling of discordant twins reveals specific and shared markers for ACPA and ACPA-positive rheumatoid arthritis

Fig. 1

Differential methylation after correction for cell proportion. Log-transformed p value (y-axis) versus log-transformed fold change (logFC; x-axis) from the associated linear model. A negative logFC denotes hypomethylation and a positive logFC hypermethylation in TS1 and TS2 comparisons; the logFC was computed using M values in a linear model and using estimated cell proportions as covariates (see “Methods”). The horizontal and vertical lines are arbitrary thresholds selected to highlight possible tendencies. a Results from ACPA-positive healthy versus ACPA-negative healthy twin siblings (TS1). b Results from ACPA-positive RA versus ACPA-negative healthy twin siblings (TS2)

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