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Table 1 Top regulatory SNVs promoting ER binding in proximity of E2-regulated genes in MCF7 cell line

From: Non-coding single nucleotide variants affecting estrogen receptor binding and activity

Chr location (hg18) Annotation Gene SNV ID Database Adjusted p value
chr8:128992864 ncRNA PVT1 NA TRANSFAC 2.26E-06
chr10:94821513 Intergenic CYP26C1;CYP26A1 rs68040629 TRANSFAC 1.10E-05
chr15:97136484 Intronic IGF1R rs62022087 TRANSFAC, JASPAR 2.03E-05
chr10:121292409 Upstream RGS10 rs10787978 TRANSFAC 3.39E-05
chr6:157157941 Intronic ARID1B rs12208040 TRANSFAC, JASPAR 3.63E-05
chr11:20014669 Intronic NAV2 rs10741810 TRANSFAC, JASPAR 3.65E-05
chr17:54818764 Intronic YPEL2 rs8073731 TRANSFAC, JASPAR 5.44E-05
chr2:10384622 Intronic HPCAL1 rs2014889 TRANSFAC, JASPAR 5.62E-05
chr4:3456949 Intronic DOK7 rs916189 TRANSFAC, JASPAR 1.09E-04
chr2:11712184 Intergenic GREB1;NTSR2 rs6432223 TRANSFAC, JASPAR 1.13E-04
  1. RegSNVs that were predicted to increase ER binding in MCF7 cells and had an E2-regulated gene within 5 kb were selected. This table shows the top ten candidates showing the most significant differential binding between WT and variant alleles