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Table 1 Overview of study time points, interventions and analyses

From: High-dimensional assessment of B-cell responses to quadrivalent meningococcal conjugate and plain polysaccharide vaccine

  Study day 0 Study day 7 Study day 21 Study day 28 Study day 35 Study day 49 Study day 56
 Group 1 (n = 5) MenACWY-CRM (i/m)    MenACWY-CRM (i/m)    
 Group 2 (n = 5) MenACWY-PS (i/m)    MenACWY-CRM (i/m)    
 Group 3 (n = 5) MenACWY-PS (s/c)    MenACWY-CRM (i/m)    
 Group 4 (n = 5) MenACWY-PS (1/5 i/m)    MenACWY-CRM (i/m)    
Immunological phenotypes
 SBA (MenA and MenC)     
 B mem ELISpots (MenA, MenC, DT)     
Systems tools
 Flow cytometry
  1. i/m intramuscular, s/c subcutaneous, 1 / 5 a fifth of the standard dose was administered, SBA serum bactericidal assay, B mem ELISpots B-cell memory enzyme-linked immunospot, DT diphtheria toxoid