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Fig. 3

From: Ethnic and diet-related differences in the healthy infant microbiome

Fig. 3

Genera differentially associated with ethnicity (white Caucasian (WC) and South Asian (SA)), breastfeeding (breastfeeding (BF) and not breastfeeding (nBF)), infant age, or infant weight gain in the first year (wt gain), through the multivariate boosted additive model tool Maaslin. Bacterial relative abundance means across each category shown as the size and significance as the shade of each circle (darker = smaller p value; Additional file 2: Table S1). Significant association of the microbiome with the continuous variables weight gain or age is shown with symbols (positively (+) or negatively () associated; Additional file 2: Table S1). Genera sorted taxonomically with subgroups within the Firmicutes labeled in grey

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