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Fig. 2

From: Analysis of 100,000 human cancer genomes reveals the landscape of tumor mutational burden

Fig. 2

The landscape of tumor mutation burden. For all disease types with greater than 100 samples, the median mutation burden is plotted for each disease type. The left and right edges of the boxes correspond to the 25th and 75th percentiles. Whiskers extend to the highest value that is within 1.5 × IQR of the hinge, where IQR is the inter-quartile range, or distance between the first and third quartiles. Points beyond this are plotted individually. Tissue types of interest are shown in color, as follows: skin, green; lung, orange; bladder, purple; kidney, pink; other, white. The area above 20 mutations/Mb, which we have designated as high TMB, is colored in grey

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