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Table 3 The changes of markers during NACT (NACT set) and whether this can predict response to chemotherapy in all patients and in those who had no macroscopic residual disease after interval-debulking surgery (R0/1)

From: The potential of circulating tumor DNA methylation analysis for the early detection and management of ovarian cancer

Prediction chemosensitivity Responder Non-responder
All R0/1 All R0/1
CA125 Positive → negative 2/10 (20%) 2/8 (25%)   
Positive → positive    6/8 (75%) 4/6 (66.7%)
DNAme DNAme Positive → negative 7/9 (77.8%) 7/9 (77.8%)   
DNAme Positive or negative → positive    6/7 (85.7%) 6/6 (100%)
  1. CA125 concentration of < 35IU/mL was deemed negative. Definitions of DNA methylation positivity are provided in Table 1. Note that amongst the 20 patients who had chemo-sensitivity data available, they were only included in the analysis if the pre- and/or post-treatment (after cycle 2) sample were positive (i.e. in 2 and 4 patients for CA125 and DNA methylation markers, respectively, neither sample was positive and hence response or lack of response could not be assessed)