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Fig 4

From: Linking FOXO3, NCOA3, and TCF7L2 to Ras pathway phenotypes through a genome-wide forward genetic screen in human colorectal cancer cells

Fig 4

Global proteomic analysis shows expression alterations of Ras-related genes by stable shRNA lines of NCOA3, FOXO3, and TCF7L2. The volcano plot depicts the -log(P values) vs log2(fold change) of Ras-related genes (a, b) for the stable knockdown genes in relation to a shRNA control. Colored symbols indicate genes of interest (display both large fold-change [x-axis] and high statistical significance [y-axis]). Light green symbols, significantly changed (FDR ≤ 0.05); blue symbols, not significant (FDR > 0.05). The full list of genes is presented in Additional file 1: Table S9

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