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Fig. 2

From: Weak sharing of genetic association signals in three lung cancer subtypes: evidence at the SNP, gene, regulation, and pathway levels

Fig. 2

Lung tissue eQTLs in three lung cancer subtypes. a Total number of significant eQTLs found in each lung cancer subtype using lung-tissue-specific data (q value ≤5%) and multi-tissue data (posterior probability >0.8) from GTEx. b UpSetR plot shows the overlap of genes discovered from the GTEx eQTLs. For each lung cancer subtype, we obtained the final gene set by collapsing all SNPs from (a) into genes. c Total number of eQTLs (false discovery rate < 10%) found in the lung-tissue-specific dataset from Hao et al. [42]. d UpSetR plot shows the overlap of genes based on Hao et al. eQTLs. Duplicate genes were removed from c for this comparison. eQTL expression quantitative trait loci, GTEx Genotype-Tissue Expression project, LUAD lung adenocarcinoma, LUSC lung squamous cell carcinoma, SCLC small cell lung cancer

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