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Table 1 Summary of iuc and/or iro plasmid lineages

From: Tracking key virulence loci encoding aerobactin and salmochelin siderophore synthesis in Klebsiella pneumoniae

Lineage(s) N Mobile genetic element Reference(s)
iuc1 (+ iro1) 121 (119) K. pneumoniae VP-1, type I IncFIBK + IncHI1B, rmpA+rmpA2 pK2044 (accession AP006726.1)
iuc2 (+ iro2) 23 (23) K. pneumoniae VP-2, type II IncFIBK, rmpA Kp52.145 plasmid II (accession FO384905.1)
iuc2a 43 Novel, diverse plasmids
IncFIBK + other IncF replicons, sometimes IncFII tra
Many distinct types
Novel examples: pINF151_01-VP (accession QWFT01000004), pINF237_01-VP (accession CP032834)
iuc3 11 Novel, diverse plasmids
IncFIBK + IncFII tra
NCTC11676, NCTC11697
iuc4 7 Chromosomal integration K. pneumoniae rhinoscleromatis, e.g. strain SB3432 (accession FO203501.1)
iuc5 (+iro5) 4 (2) E. coli IncFII tra plasmid
E. coli iroBCDEN + AMR
E. coli strain PCN033 plasmid p3PCN033 (accession CP006635.1)
iro3 16 Chromosomal ICEKp1 K. pneumoniae NTUH-K2044 ICEKp1 (accession AB298504.1)
iro4 1 Novel plasmid
IncFIBK + IncFII tra
E. cloacae/E. hormaechei iroBCDEN (× 13 copies)
pINF078-VP (accession CP032832)