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Table 3 TP53 Mutations in Study Cohort

From: Landscape of genomic alterations in high-grade serous ovarian cancer from exceptional long- and short-term survivors

Patient ID Group Variant type Mutation protein change Mutant allele fraction Function affected Oncomorphic? Detection method
LTS-001 LT Nonsense p.S183* 0.47   no Mutect
LTS-002 ST Missense p.E224D 0.27   no Mutect
LTS-003 ST Missense p.R175H 0.83 Structural Change yes Mutect
LTS-004 LT Frame Shift Del p.P223fs 0.45   no Strelka
LTS-005 ST Missense p.D281E 0.75   no Mutect
LTS-006 ST Missense p.Y220C 0.46 Structural Change yes Mutect
LTS-007 LT Missense p.I195T 0.15   no Strelka SNV/None by targeted seq
LTS-008 ST Missense p.C242F 0.64   no Mutect
LTS-009 ST Missense p.M237I 0.57   no Mutect
LTS-010 ST Missense p.Y220C 0.89 Structural Change yes Mutect
LTS-011 LT Missense p.R248Q 0.51 Structural Change yes Mutect
LTS-012 LT Missense p.R248Q 0.76 Structural Change yes Mutect
LTS-013 LT Frame Shift Del p.A70fs 0.57   no Varscan2/Targeted Sequencing
LTS-014 LT Splice Site c.e7+1 0.89   no Strelka SNV/Targeted Sequencing (g.chr17:7577498C > A)
LTS-015 ST Splice Site c.e8+1 0.74   no Mutect/Strelka SNV
LTS-016 LT Missense p.R248Q 0.82 Structural Change yes Mutect
LTS-017 LT Missense p.I195T 0.7   no Mutect
LTS-018 ST Missense p.G266E 0.73   no Mutect
LTS-019 LT Missense/Frame shift Ins p.K139Q/ p.V143fs 0.72   no Mutect/Strelka
LTS-020 LT Splice Site p.Q331Q 0.62   no Mutect
LTS-021 LT Missense p.R248W 0.39 DNA binding yes Mutect
LTS-022 LT Missense p.G245S 0.72 Structural Change no Mutect
LTS-023 LT Missense p.T125P 1   no Exome & Targeted sequencing
LTS-024 ST Missense p.R282W 0.6 Structural Change no Mutect
LTS-025 LT Missense p.R273H 0.91 DNA binding yes Targeted Sequencing
LTS-026 ST Nonsense p.E349* 0.46   no Mutect
LTS-027 LT Nonsense p.R196* 0.56   no Mutect
LTS-028 ST Nonsense p.G266* 0.93   no Mutect
LTS-029 LT Missense p.Y163H 0.73   no Mutect
LTS-030 LT Missense p.R273C 0.67 DNA binding yes Mutect
LTS-031 LT Not detected Not detected   no None detected by WES on all callers/poor RNAseq
LTS-032 LT Nonsense p.W146* 0.86   no Mutect
LTS-033 ST Missense p.R175H 0.4 Structural Change yes Mutect
LTS-034 ST Missense p.R273L 0.8   yes Also found in normal (transformed adjacent normal)
LTS-035 ST In Frame Insertion p.266_267insLG 0.18 DNA binding no Strelka Exome & RNAseq
LTS-037 ST Frame Shift Del p.P87fs 0.77   no Strelka
LTS-038 ST Missense p.R175H 0.63 Structural Change yes Mutect
LTS-039 ST Missense p.F270S 0.68   no Strelka SNV
LTS-040 ST Nonsense p.E204* 0.51   no Mutect