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Fig. 4

From: Integrated proteotranscriptomics of breast cancer reveals globally increased protein-mRNA concordance associated with subtypes and survival

Fig. 4

Global concordance between protein-mRNA pairs in TCGA breast tumors and association with molecular subtypes and survival. a Density plot showing global Spearman correlation for 70 protein-mRNA pairs within 404 TCGA breast tumors. b Significantly different global correlations for protein-mRNA pairs among the molecular breast cancer subtypes (P = 3 × 10−8, Kruskal Wallis test), with basal-like tumors having the highest mean correlation. Shown are the PAM50-defined subtypes for TCGA tumors. c Global concordance between protein-mRNA pairs in TCGA tumors is associated with survival. Stratification of tumors into three groups [< 25%, 25–75%, and > 75% (tumors with highest global correlation)]. Tumors with the highest mean correlation between protein and mRNA pairs had the worst outcome [HR 75% vs. 25% tumor group = 2.6, 95% CI 1.01–6.65; Ptrend across the three groups = 0.043]. d Increased global concordance between protein-mRNA pairs is associated with reduced survival in patients with luminal A tumors. Ptrend = 0.0083

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