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Table 2 Common genes in autoimmunity identified as targets for drugs

From: Meta-analysis of Immunochip data of four autoimmune diseases reveals novel single-disease and cross-phenotype associations

Annotated gene Genes in direct PPI Targeted drugs Action Indication Potential new clinical application
Indicated for CeD, RA, T1D, and/or SSc
CD28 CD80 Abatacept Antagonist RA CeD
IL12A/TYK2 IL6R Tocilizumab Antibody RA CeD, SSc, T1D
Sarilumab Antagonist, antibody RA
IL1R1 Anakinra Antagonist RA
PTPN2/STAT4 JAK1/JAK2/JAK3 Tofacitinib Inhibitor RA CeD, SSc, T1D
TNFAIP3 TNF Etanercept Antibody RA CeD, SSc, T1D
Adalimumab Antibody RA
Infliximab Inhibitor RA
Other indications
CD28 CD2 Alefacept Inhibitor Psoriasis CeD, RA
CD28/IL12A/IL2RA/STAT4/TYK2 IFNG Olsalazine NA Inflammatory bowel disease CeD, RA, SSc, T1D
CCL21 C5 Eculizumab Antibody Paroxysmal nocturnal haemoglobinuria CeD, RA
CXCR4 Plerixafor Antagonist Cancer  
CCL21/IL12A/TYK2 CCR5 Maraviroc Antagonist HIV CeD, RA, SSc, T1D
CTLA4   Ipilimumab NA Cancer RA, T1D
FASLG/IL12A/IL2RA/IRF5/STAT4/TYK2 IL12B Ustekinumab Antibody Psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis CeD, RA, SSc, T1D
IL12A/IL2RA/TYK2 IL3RA Sargramostim Agonist Cancer CeD, RA, SSc, T1D
IL12A/IRF5/TYK2 IL1B Canakinumab Binder Systemic juvenile idiopathic arthritis CeD, RA, SSc, T1D
IL12A/TYK2 IFNGR1 Interferon gamma-1b   Chronic granulomatous disease CeD, RA, SSc, T1D
IL2RA   Aldesleukin Agonist, Modulator Cancer CeD, RA, SSc, T1D
Basiliximab Antibody Kidney transplant rejection
Daclizumab Antibody Multiple sclerosis
Denileukin diftitox Binder Cancer
IL2RA/IRF5/TYK2 IL6 Siltuximab Antagonist antibody Castleman’s disease CeD, RA, SSc, T1D
IL2RA/STAT4/TYK2 IL23A Guselkumab Blocker Psoriasis CeD, RA, SSc, T1D
ITGA4   Natalizumab Antibody Multiple sclerosis CeD, SSc
Vedolizumab Antibody Crohn disease and ulcerative colitis
  1. Target genes for both drugs used for the treatment of the studied autoimmune diseases as well as drugs used for other indications are shown in the Table. NA, not available. Last column indicates those diseases that could potentially benefit from drug repositioning, since they are contributing (included in the best subset) to the association signal/s observed within each locus