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Fig. 5

From: Evolving neoantigen profiles in colorectal cancers with DNA repair defects

Fig. 5

Genomic evolution in patient-derived xenografts. Phylogeny of the indicated patient-derived xenograft and their molecular characterization. a MSS, MSI, and POLE mutant samples were serially transplanted for at least four generations (F1–F4) in NOD/SCID mice as shown. Samples collected at each passage were subjected to WES. b WES data of each generation were compared with those obtained from the previous generation. Bar graphs show de novo acquired SNVs and frameshifts at each generation. c The number of predicted neoantigens in each PDX is shown. Each bar represents putative neoepitopes derived from SNVs and frameshifts (see the “Methods” section for detailed information)

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