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Table 2 Selected molecular profiling initiatives and genotype matching to clinical trials

From: Molecular profiling for precision cancer therapies

GroupSample sizePlatformTissue sampleGermline controlPatients enrolled in genotype-matched trialsORR of patients matched to treatment based on genotype
MSKCC [27]12,670341–410 gene panelsFFPEYes527/5009 (10.5%)Not available
DFCI-HCC [28]3727275 gene panelsFFPENo16/50 (32%)Not available
Lyon [140, 141]257969 gene panels +aCGHFFPEYes182/2579 (7%)13%
MDACC [26]200011–50 gene panelsFFPENo83/2000 (4.2%)Not available
Princess Margaret [25]164023–48 gene panelsFFPEYes92/1640 (5.6%)19%
Goustave Roussy [24]103530–75 gene panels + aCGHFresh biopsyYes199/1035 (19.2%)11%
Michigan [142]556WGS, WES, RNASeqFresh biopsyYes3–11%Not available
  1. aCGH array comparative genomic hybridization, DFCI-HCC Dana Farber Cancer Institute-Harvard Cancer Center, FFPE formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded, MDACC MD Anderson Cancer Center, MSKCC Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, ORR objective response rate, WES whole exome sequencing, WGS whole genome sequencing