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Table 2 List of FACS antibodies and reagents

From: Methylome-based cell-of-origin modeling (Methyl-COOM) identifies aberrant expression of immune regulatory molecules in CLL

ReagentCloneSupplierCat #
APC anti-human CD5UCHT2BioLegend300612
eBioscience™ CD152 (CTLA-4) PerCP-eFluor 71014D3Thermo Fisher Scientific46-1529-42
eBioscience™ CD276 (B7-H3) PE-Cyanine77-517Thermo Fisher Scientific25-2769-41
eBioscience™ Fixable Viability Dye eFluor™ 506 Thermo Fisher Scientific65-0866-14
eBioscience™ IC Fixation Buffer Thermo Fisher Scientific00-8222-49
eBioscience™ Permeabilization Buffer (10×) Thermo Fisher Scientific00-8333-56
eBioscience™ TIGIT PE-Cyanine7MBSA43Thermo Fisher Scientific25-9500-42
Human TruStain FcX™ (Fc Receptor Blocking Solution) BioLegend422302
PE anti-human CD85k (ILT3, LILRB4) AntibodyZM4.1BioLegend333007
PE/Dazzle™ 594 anti-human CD19 AntibodyHIB19BioLegend302252
PerCP/Cyanine5.5 anti-human CD2RPA-2.10BioLegend300215