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Table 3 Comparison of sequencing, PCR, and IHC for determination of tumor viral status

From: Clinical and molecular characterization of virus-positive and virus-negative Merkel cell carcinoma

IDTMBTMB categoryPCR # primer setsIHCViroPanelVirus-positive EvidenceAdd’l VP EvidenceUVVP or VN
MCC0018.5Intermediate21PositiveViroPanelPCR IHC0VP
MCC00230.4High00NegativeUV ViroPanel TM 1VN
MCC0030.0Low     0VP
MCC0046.6Intermediate     0VP
MCC0051.6Low 1PositiveViroPanelIHC0VP
MCC0063.7Low  PositiveViroPanel 0VP
MCC0079.6Intermediate10NegativeViroPanel 0VN
MCC0082.7Low51PositiveViroPanelPCR IHC0VP
MCC00928.2High 0NegativeUV ViroPanel TM 1VN
MCC0104.3Low 1Positive IHC0VP
MCC01111.7Intermediate01NegativeUV TM 1VN
MCC0120.0Low 0   0VP
MCC0133.2Low51PositiveViroPanelPCR IHC0VP
MCC0143.7Low 1PositiveViroPanel 0VP
MCC01527.7High00NegativeUV ViroPanel TM 1VN
MCC01623.0High   UV TM 1VN
MCC0172.5Low     0VP
MCC0181.6Low     0VP
MCC0194.3Low  PositiveViroPanel 0VP
MCC02027.7High 0NegativeUV TM 1VN
MCC02125.0High  NegativeUV ViroPanel TM 1VN
MCC0223.7Low  PositiveViroPanel 0VP
MCC02319.2Intermediate  NegativeUV ViroPanel TM 1VN
MCC0243.2Low  PositiveViroPanel 0VP
MCC0250.0Low     0VP
MCC0264.3Low  PositiveViroPanel 0VP
MCC0272.7Low41PositiveViroPanelPCR IHC0VP
MCC02829.3High  NegativeUV ViroPanel TM 1VN
MCC0295.3Low 0   0VP
MCC03038.9High00NegativeUV ViroPanel TM 1VN
MCC0311.6Low     0VP
MCC0321.1Low     0VP
MCC0335.3Low 1PositiveViroPanelIHC0VP
MCC03428.8High00NegativeUV ViroPanel TM 1VN
MCC03511.2Intermediate  NegativeUV ViroPanel TM 1VN
MCC0363.2Low41PositiveViroPanelPCR IHC0VP
MCC0374.8Low 1PositiveViroPanelIHC0VP
MCC0381.6Low     0VP
MCC03922.4High   UV TM 1VN
MCC0403.7Low  PositiveViroPanel 0VP
MCC0412.1Low  PositiveViroPanel 0VP
MCC0422.1Low  PositiveViroPanel 0VP
MCC0434.3Low  PositiveViroPanel 0VP
MCC0445.3Low21PositiveViroPanelPCR IHC0VP
MCC0452.1Low 1PositiveViroPanelIHC0VP
MCC04620.8High  NegativeUV ViroPanel TM 1VN
MCC0472.1Low 1PositiveViroPanelIHC0VP
MCC04826.6High  NegativeUV ViroPanel TM 1VN
MCC04934.1High  NegativeUV ViroPanel TM 1VN
MCC0504.8Low  PositiveViroPanel 0VP
MCC0513.2Low 1PositiveViroPanelIHC0VP
MCC0522.1Low     0VP
MCC0530.0Low30  PCR0VP
MCC0543.7Low31PositiveViroPanelPCR IHC0VP
MCC05530.9High  NegativeUV ViroPanel TM 1VN
MCC0563.7Low  PositiveViroPanel 0VP
MCC05729.8High  NegativeUV ViroPanel TM 1VN
MCC0581.1Low     0VP
MCC05919.2Intermediate  NegativeUV ViroPanel TM 1VN
MCC0601.1Low     0VP
MCC0612.1Low     0VP
MCC06327.2High  NegativeUV ViroPanel TM 1VN
MCC06425.6High   UV TM 1VN
MCC06513.3Intermediate   UV TM 1VN
MCC06618.6Intermediate   UV TM 1VN
MCC0670.5Low     0VP
MCC0682.1Low     0VP
MCC0694.3Low 1PositiveViroPanelIHC0VP
MCC07029.8High  NegativeUV ViroPanel TM 1VN
MCC0713.2Low     0VP
  1. IHC MCPyV staining, 0 = negative, 1 = positive; UV UV signature present, 0 = negative, 1 = positive