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Table 1 Immunotherapy (αPD1 and αCTLA4) response probability based on logistic regression models of tumor mutational burden (TMB), neoepitope burden (Neoepitopes), and combined tumor DNA- and RNA- variant burden (TVB) for melanoma, non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), and renal cell carcinoma (RCC). P values are reported on a per-model basis without correction for multiple comparisons per cancer type

From: Burden of tumor mutations, neoepitopes, and other variants are weak predictors of cancer immunotherapy response and overall survival

Cancer type & MetricaPD1aCTLA4p-value
NResponse Probability (25th %ile)Response Probability (75th %ile)NResponse Probability (25th %ile)Response Probability (75th %ile)
 TMB330.2910.578   0.034
 Neoepitopes330.3450.583   0.053
 TMB500.6560.666   0.894
 Neoepitopes500.6620.66   0.973
 TVB170.6410.538   0.600