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Table 1 Basic description of samples

From: Exploratory analysis of age and sex dependent DNA methylation patterns on the X-chromosome in whole blood samples

 Sample sizeAge at blood samplingTwin pair
 MADT all26622649250–80662433246
 MADT used*22622645256–79652242226
 LSADT all7215222473–917910111112
 LSADT used727214474–887967572
 LBC1921 all28619047678–9579   
 LBC1921 used19019038078–9182   
  1. *The subsets were extracted based on their ranked distance to the opposite sex’s mean (i.e. the females of the MADT was taken based on the males of MADT in the order where the ones with ages closest to the male mean age were subtracted first)